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  • Compared to the garish, ill-matched attire usually worn by Tamhas FitzGerald, that of Brian was most conservative, almost somber. Kelida, her eyes darkly shadowed with exhaustion, stood hesitantly behind him.
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    He looked back over his shoulder twice toward the doors, hoping to see the cleric, hoping for some reassurance that there was some meaning to this midnight rendezvous, but the cleric had vanished, and Eevraith continued onward alone. Through the slush in his ears he tried to focus on the voice, and realised it was Preetorius scream he was hearing, not his own.

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  • He'd made a few mistakes himself, early on in his tenure. Kendall's strict adherence to lofty principles had come as a surprise to Gibb, too.
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    You see, this is- 'You do seem to insinuate yourself, don't you, Rhodian, said Pertennius of Eubulus, secretary to the Supreme Strategos, whom Crispin had just seen disappearing through steam.

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  • Inside the ship I had had pains in my stomach. Other scouting groups went out from Shallows as well, but none were nearly as organized, nor nearly as stealthy.
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    He didn't know whether this was his body's impulse or his own, but it was a fact that heroism was greatly facilitated by this powerful and well-coordinated physique.
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    There were men in the group as well, so she felt secure, albeit distressed at the need to run.

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  • She could hear their labored breathing-or was it just her own that she heard?
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    The apes, watching the grim race from the safety of the trees, screamed taunts at Numa and warnings to Tarzan.

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    Well, this man was making signs to another at my left, and turning around I recognized the honest Grimaud.
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  • Harold Maddox Sr. had constantly harped that the greatest business profits always came from the domains with which the worker was both familiar and interested.
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